Accuair Switch speed Management kit

Accuair Switch speed Management kit

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The SwitchSpeed Air Management Packages bring together all of the highest quality components available to operate your Air Springs in one easy to order part number. Choose between one or two compressors for lightning fast recovery times. This package includes the SwitchSpeed Controller, VU4 Solenoid Valves, Viair 380C Compressor, 5-Gallon Aluminum Air Tank, aluminum Air-Filter, and D.O.T. Plumbing Kit. This package can be easily upgraded to the e-Level electronic leveling system down the road if desired.


Features of the SwitchSpeed System:

- Manual control of each individual air spring along with front / rear paired adjustments

- 3 user-programmable valve adjustment speeds (precise / moderate / full)

- Advanced Burst-Control Technology gives precise control over any valve

- The included digital tank pressure sensor gives you three tank pressure options (150 /175 / 200 psi) for more reliable air compressor control. It also monitors vehicle voltage and automatically turns the compressor(s) off at 10.5 volts to prevent a dead battery.

- "All-Down" function can be programmed as a momentary "pancake" or as a timer-based all-down function

- 100% weather tolerant for under vehicle mounting

- Plug-n-play wiring harnesses for ease of installation

- Each system is 100% factory tested


Description of the VU4-Corner Valve Unit:

The AccuAir VU4 4-Corner Valve Unit is engineered to provide the cleanest installation and most reliable operation on the market. This electronic solenoid valve unit inflates and deflates up to (4) individual Air Springs and has built-in push-to-connect 3/8" D.O.T. approved air fittings for all of it's plumbing connections. The robust internal solenoid valve architecture maximizes flow rates, provides bubble-tight sealing, and guarantees operation up to 200 psi for millions of cycles. All of this technology is housed in a unique enclosure design which routes each of the solenoid wires to a single weatherproof connector, eliminating typically loose wires. This not only improves the appearance, but it also guarantees proper operation for every installation. With an overall size of only 5"x 3"x 3" and the ability to survive harsh under vehicle environments, this product is ideal for any application.


Features of the VU4-Corner Valve Unit:

- Pre-wired & port numbered for reduced installation time

- 3/8" push-to-connect D.O.T. fittings eliminate pipe threads for 100% leak free operation

- Dual inlet & exhaust ports for maximum flow (plug extra inlet if not required)

- Compact layout for minimal space usage

- Four built-in 1/4" gauge/sensor ports

- Anodized aluminum manifold to prevent corrosion

- 100% weather resistant for harsh under vehicle environments


Management Includes:

- SwitchSpeed controller & main harness w/ built in fuses (20 ft)

- Controller ECU

- VU4 4-Corner Valve Unit

- 4-Corner solenoid valve harness

- Stainless steel mounting hardware package -

380c compressor as standard (optional upgrade see below)

- 5 gallon Accuair raw aluminium skinny tank (optional upgrade see below)

- Complete fitting pack

- Aluminium water trap

- Inflation valve and drain cock

- Accuair digital pressure sensor included for easy fitting and voltage management

- 3/8" air line

- Line cutter

*Upgraded power kit required for twin compressors*

*Optional Gauge upgrade required to monitor height of vehicle*

*Tank pictured is for illustration purposes only*

*Tanks in a raw aluminium finish or black anodised finish may come with scratches or imperfections*

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