Air Lift V2 autopilot management kit

Air Lift V2 autopilot management kit

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Airlift Auto pilot v2 features high-accuracy programing and many new features. The v2 has an all-in-one 4-way manifold with built in ECU and pressure sensors. The manifold includes built in push-to-connect fittings available in either 1/4" and 3/8" sizes for easy installation.

The sleek V2 controller is protected in a rugged, rubberised coating. Display readout shows, individual corner air pressure and tank pressure. You can select your pressures to be displayed in PSI, or BAR. To give you the ultimate in personalization of your system we have loaded the multi-color display with 512 color combinations! Believe it or not all of this technology fits in the palm of your hand and only takes one wire to connect to your wire harness.

Not only does the V2 give you 8 different presets to tailor to your ride heights needs, but it also "learns" your vehicle to provide incredible accuracy with every push of the button. As you roll low, the V2 will constantly monitor your pressures and adjust accordingly to your presets. V2 also allows you to control your system manually, for the ultimate in independent 4 corner adjustment. With the raise on start feature, you won't even have to touch the controller!

The v2 also include system diagnostics. With a touch of a button you can check compressor performance and compressor run times. The system will also alert you to a leak, a low pressure situation, communication failure or if there is something wrong with your valve.


Features of the v2 system:

- 8 User programable ride-height presets

- Manual control mode

- User adjustable compresor kick-on / cut-off pressures

- Auto calibration

- User adjustable backlight color / brightness

- Compressor wear-down testing

- Compressor timer

- Rise on start

- User adjustable unit of measurement (PSI/BAR)


Management Includes:

- AutoPilot V2 digital controller

- All-in-one ECU and 4-way manifold

- (5) Digital pressure sensors (built in to the manifold)

- Wire harness

- Viair 380c compressor as standard (optional upgrades see below)

- 5 gallon Airlift stubby tank as standard (optional upgrades see below)

- Complete fitting pack

- Inflation valve

- Air line

- Line cutter

*Upgraded power kit required for twin compressors*

*Tanks in a raw aluminium finish or black anodised finish may come with scratches or imperfections*

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