5 Gallon 5 Port Seamless Genuine Carbon Air Tank

5 Gallon 5 Port Seamless Genuine Carbon Air Tank

Brand: RS Carbon
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Plush Automotive have taken the already popular Seamless Air Tank and have produced this super high quality genuine Carbon overlayed product.


These seamless aluminum air tanks have revolutionized welded air tank construction. They have adapted a new style of technology to create a non-welded tank. The metal spinning process has now made it possible to manufacture these tanks from a single piece of extruded aluminum tube. The technique of closing both ends of the tube using the base material creates a true seamless tank. The Flow Forming Technology used on the port holes reforms the base metal inward into the tank giving a superior surface area for threading. The standard mounting hardware gives the consumer a limitless range of mounting positions and angles to accommodate most mounting situations. We are proud to offer a great product that is manufactured in Fresno, California, USA.

5 Gallon

Length 28"

Diameter 6.625"

4 x 3/8" Ports

1 x 1/4" Port

200PSI Rated

Complete with mounting hardware

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