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  • Mercury - Metal Polish
    Mercury metal polish is a combination of light abrasives and solvent cleaners designed to clean & restore all types of brite work commonly found on vehicles, from Carbon deposits on exhaust trims, to tarnished trim with ease. Directions for use: 1: Using a foam applicator or microfibre apply spa..
    Ex Tax: £8.29 £9.95
  • Rejuvenate - Pre Wax 500ml
    Rejuvenate pre wax cleanser is designed to clean and condition paintwork prior to the application of carnauba wax. The light diminishing abrasive formula will remove old waxes and sealants from the paintwork’s surface whilst also removing any old dead, oxidised paint to leave a fresh, crisp base to ..
    Ex Tax: £19.13 £22.95
  • Tough Prep - Pre Sealant Cleanser 500ml
    Specially developed to accompany our Tough Coat paint sealant, Tough Prep is the first pre cleanser specially developed for use with sealant as a “pre sealant cleanser” Tough Prep polishes and prepares paintwork leaving the perfect base to apply sealant for maximum bond and protection. Directions fo..
    Ex Tax: £19.13 £22.95
  • Tripple - All In One 500ml
    Tripple is an all in one cleaner polish, enriched with pure Brazilian Carnauba. It’s easy application will deep clean paintwork, whilst glazing for shine and add a protective layer of carnauba in one easy step, making it the ultimate product for the speedy detailer. Directions for use: 1: Ensure sur..
    Ex Tax: £10.79 £12.95