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  • Citrus - Grime Remover 500ml
    Citrus Power is a ready to use bug and grime remover, it comes in handy 500ml bottle with high flow mist or stream trigger head included. Make light work of bugs on the front of your car with Citrus power, its gentle but effective formula removes bugs and grime with ease and without scrubbing, safe ..
    Ex Tax: £5.79 £6.95
  • Clay Bar - 200g
    A big 200g bar of fine, soft clay thats easy to use and wont marr your paintwork. Directions for use: 1: Wash paintwork throughly first 2: Treat a small 30cmx30cm area at a time 3: Apply clay lube liberally to the area 4: Mould a piece of Clay (around 50g piece) in to a disc 5: Using back and forth ..
    Ex Tax: £12.46 £14.95
  • Glide - Clay Bar Lube
    A dedicated clay slip to help aid the claying stage and reduce the risk of scratching or marring your paintwork finish in the process. Directions for use: 1: Ensure vehicle has been washed thoroughly. 2: Apply liberally to a small section at a time, approx 30x30cm 3: Glide your clay across the paint..
    Ex Tax: £6.63 £7.95
  • Imperial - Wheel Cleaner
    Tackle tough deposits of brake dust and road grime whilst still being gentle to the finish. Directions for use: 1: Ensure wheels are cool. 2: Remove lose dirt from the wheels by rinsing with water from a hose or pressure washer. 3: Spray wheel cleaner liberally on to the surface. 4: Agitate using a ..
    Ex Tax: £7.46 £8.95
  • Iron Out - Iron Remover 500ml
    Reactive iron contamination disolver. This pH neutral formula will react and dissolve contamination from all exterior surfaces, paintwork, wheels, glass and even trim, simply spray, allow to react and rinse. Directions for use: 1: Apply liberally to the surface. 2: Wait for the reaction to turn any ..
    Ex Tax: £9.96 £11.95
  • Lather - Shampoo 500ml
    Lather car shampoo is a highly concentrated formula designed to be tough on dirt and road grime. Whilst gentle on wax and sealant layers, the ultra lubricated, high foaming action minimises the risk of inflicting fine scratches during the wash stage, where the majority of swirl marks are inflicted. ..
    Ex Tax: £9.96 £11.95
  • Oblitarate - Tar and Glue Remover
    Oblitarate is a fast acting solvent based formula that effortlessly removes unwanted tar, rubber and glue deposits from a whole host of exterior surfaces, from paintwork, glass and even plastic trim. Directions for use: 1: Ensure surface is clean and free from loose dirt and contaminates. 2: Apply a..
    Ex Tax: £7.46 £8.95