16/17cm Speakers

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  • AV X6.5
    The AV X5 and AV X6.5 coax speakers are the evolution of the woofer from the same line, thanks to the introduction of an excellent 1” Tetolon dome tweeter. The Orientable High Frequency Tuning technology also provides the ability to optimize dispersion in high range to achieve the best performanc..
    Ex Tax: £166.66 £199.99
  • DCX 165.3
    To meet all installation needs, without giving up on Hertz quality and performance, the Dieci coaxes were designed with maniacal care to provide a linear frequency response and ensure high reliability. A Neodymium magnet, PEI dome tweeter, built-in crossover, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) surroun..
    Ex Tax: £49.99 £59.99
  • DCX 170.3
    With its 51 mm (2,0 in.) maximum depth the DCX 170.3, is a “flat” coax optimized for installation in a vehicle’s door and/or other reduced spaces, without giving up on acoustic reproduction quality. A Neodymium magnet, PEI dome tweeter, built-in crossover, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) surround, ..
    Ex Tax: £49.99 £59.99
  • ECX 165
    Very good performances without using separate components. ECX Energy coaxials are equipped with a unique tweeter featuring a new Tetolon® soft dome with built-in crossover. The proprietary RHFC™ technology provides the ability to orientate the tweeter to attain the ideal dispersion and frequency res..
    Ex Tax: £74.99 £89.99
  • HCX 165
    Hi-ENERGY coaxial speakers prove continuous evolution and research aimed at offering the best installation flexibility and versatility. Their parameters were perfected for insuring constant, lasting performances in modern car compartments and thrilling, excellent sound, always at maximum levels. Hi-..
    Ex Tax: £133.33 £159.99