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  • AV1.1
    The AV 1.1 tweeter features a very light Tetolon membrane, CCAW voice coil wound on double layer and high density Neodymium magnet. The advanced design and engineering dedicated to the rear damping chamber with annular geometry and the magnet area, along with the attention for the selection of the m..
    Ex Tax: £108.33 £129.99
  • DT 24.3
    The optimized structure of the neodymium tweeter offers high efficiency and linear, extended frequency response unheard of in this category. The DT 24 optimized geometry boasts an efficient, highly linear annular acoustic lens along with a PEI membrane, selected for its high stiffness and heat-resis..
    Ex Tax: £29.16 £34.99
  • ET 20
    Compactness, power handling, clear sound: ET 20 has an innovative, very light 20 mm Tetolon® soft dome which insures very fast response. The neodymium magnet efficiently controls mobile voice coil movement, providing this tweeter with high sensitivity and clear, natural sound. ET 20 is given with ri..
    Ex Tax: £41.66 £49.99
  • HT 25
    High performance, small size and easy mounting. HT 25 is a tweeter with neodymium magnet, Tetolon® soft dome and 25mm ø, ferrofluid-cooled mobile voice coil. HT 25 provides a rear acoustic load chamber, to extend the low frequency limits without incurring resonance effects. High energy magnet and ac..
    Ex Tax: £83.33 £99.99
  • ML 280
    Dynamics, naturalness, high acoustic emission; the ML 280 is the answer for those who long for reproduction of the high frequency range without compromise. Extremely high output is combined with Hi-End sound quality. The ML 280 tweeter offers hi-tech solutions; optimized through the most innovative ..
    Ex Tax: £191.66 £229.99