10" Subwoofers

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  • AV 10
    The AV 10 project started from the Thesis characteristics. AV 10 subwoofer offers full linearity and elevated performance under extreme conditions. Equipped with an aluminum basket with a great aerodynamic structure, a cotton-fibre paper pressed cone with Light Damping treatment, a Triple Wave surro..
    Ex Tax: £249.99 £299.99
  • DS 25.3
    The DS 25.3 and DS 30.3 subwoofers offer high efficiency and exceptional power handling. Equipped with a polypropylene membrane and butyl rubber surround, they provide high excursion with minimal distortion. An efficient cooling system ensures optimal heat dissipation, increasing their reliability. ..
    Ex Tax: £74.99 £89.99
  • DS 250.3
    The DS 250.3 and DS 300.3 subwoofers are the ideal subwoofer solutions for those on a restricted budget but longing for a subwoofer offering a powerful, refined sound. The polypropylene V-cone® membrane and 50 mm diameter pure copper voice coil wound on aluminium former ensure linearity and exceptio..
    Ex Tax: £108.33 £129.99
  • EBX 25.5
    The EBX F25.5 flat subwoofer has been designed to ensure installation versatility, while still maintaining superior low frequency performance; an enclosure without compromise. The use of a long-excursion 250 mm woofer combined with a 300 mm passive radiator reflex system made it possible to create a..
    Ex Tax: £224.99 £269.99
  • EBX 250
    Designed to provide bursting dynamics and to minimise size requirements, EBX products result from long studies about car compartment acoustics. These boxes have an inclination wall; they are made of very thick MDF, in order for them to be inert and stable. Xponential Flanged Duct is a proprietary ra..
    Ex Tax: £208.33 £249.99
  • ES 250
    Energy ES subwoofers were designed to work best when used in small enclosures. However, their electro-acoustic parameters are optimised for use in many different enclosure types; both in terms of typology (sealed box, reflex, bandpass, etc.) and in size, insuring extraordinary versatility and perfor..
    Ex Tax: £99.99 £119.99
  • ES 250D
    More power and flexibility for your subwoofer section. ES double voice coil models permit to make connections in series and in parallel and to increase the number of speakers in order to choose the type of connection and to use all the power your amplifier can supply. Double voice coil, i.e.: double..
    Ex Tax: £99.99 £119.99
  • ES F25.5
    The Energy subwoofers ES F20.5 and ES F25.5 are the ideal solution for those who look for a subwoofer of compact size, yet providing powerful and engaging sound. At its highest excursion point, the Ultra Flat profile reaches 86 mm height for the 200 mm subwoofer, and 94 mm height for the 250 mm subw..
    Ex Tax: £108.33 £129.99
  • HX 250
    Hi-Energy HX Subwoofers represent the highest technological expression in terms of low frequency reproduction. The V-cone provides wide acoustic dispersion, making the sound even more powerful. The forced ventilation system provided by the venting holes on the bottom plate, along with a specifically..
    Ex Tax: £199.99 £239.99
  • HX 250 D
    The HX subwoofers were designed to reproduce the very lowest octaves of the audio spectrum with precision, impact and power. Groundbreaking technologies in every detail: V-cone, forced ventilation system, low-resonance basket and ultra-efficient motor assembly. The Hi-Energy subwoofer range features..
    Ex Tax: £199.99 £239.99
  • SX 250D
    The Hertz SPL Show subwoofers are the ideal solution for building mobile audio systems with emphasis placed on low frequency power and impact. Featuring a stacked double magnet motor assembly and 2 + 2 Ohm dual voice coil, the three models, SX 250D, SX 300D, SX 380D differ only in their cone diamete..
    Ex Tax: £249.99 £299.99