5/6 Channel Amplifiers

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  • AV 5.1k
    AV 5.1k, 1650 W (RMS) max, five-channels: with its hybrid design, it is the specialist amplifier for front + rear + subwoofer or multi-amplified front + subwoofer systems. Its high-quality AB Class output stage provides two channels with 250 W (RMS), combined with another pair of A class pure aud..
    Ex Tax: £833.33 £999.99
  • HDP 5
    HDP 5 is a D-Class five-channel amplifier suitable for complex installations, able to offer up to 950W total. The built-in crossovers are settable as Full Range and Hi-Pass at 12dB/Oct. or Hi-Pass + Band-Pass and Lo-Pass at 24dB/Oct. The extremely flexible crossover section allows the use of HDP 5 i..
    Ex Tax: £458.33 £549.99
  • SR 5
    SR 5 is a DYNAB five-channel single amplifier system solution where high power and versatility are required. The extended range of the crossover section allows its use in endless system designs.   Power Output Power supply voltage: 11/15 VDC Idling current: 1.2 A Switched off: &l..
    Ex Tax: £333.33 £399.99