2 Channel Amplifiers

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  • AV due
    AV due is a powerful stereo amplifier. The power supply section and final stage, designed to work also in mono and tri-mode, ensure very high output current, with powers up to 900 W (RMS). AMP (Amplifier Management Processor) constantly checks the operating status system and communicates with the..
    Ex Tax: £583.33 £699.99
    The Hertz MP 15K UNLIMITED amplifier can deliver over 15.000 W. The enormity of this project amazes; both in terms of the physical "size" of the product itself and of the sheer energy it generates. The power supply stage features 8 toroidal transformers and the output stage, settable in bridged or s..
    Ex Tax: £4,166.66 £4,999.99
  • SR2
    SR 2 is a DYNAB stereo amplifier perfect to drive front speakers. Thanks to the built-in by-passable crossover, it is also suitable for many applications such as with mono subwoofers or Mid-Hi front in multi-channel speaker systems.   Power supply voltage: 11/15 VDC Idling current: 0.4..
    Ex Tax: £149.99 £179.99
  • TH due
    The Thesis TH amplifiers are manufactured using state-of-the-art analog and digital technology. Class A amplification stage, multi-standard analog and digital inputs and the control of the amplifier through a microprocessor make this product the most evolved among the Audison range. TH due is a brid..
    Ex Tax: £1,916.66 £2,299.99